You know, we thought two weeks was an extremely short period for a rehab stint, so when it was suggested that Selena Gomez bailed on rehab after two weeks, we were not shocked. The alleged reason she bounced, however, surprised us.

TMZ reports that Gomez left DAWN at The Meadows in Arizona after 14 days in order to attend Sundance in Utah to promote a film. She did so against the advice of the very medical personnel she sought help from. They were said to have objected strongly to her exit. The program is six weeks in length but Sel did not complete it because she felt she had done enough work during her two-week stay to get where she needed to be.

While her rep said a substance abuse issue was not the reason Gomez sought help, other rumors suggest she had a bit of an issue with alcohol, pot and Ambien. Oh, and it was all Justin Bieber's fault. Again, a drug issue is certainly at odds with Gomez's super clean public image, one that has made so many Selenators love her so much.

Gomez said she would return to rehab after the Sundance stint, but she didn't. She reportedly felt she was over the hump and didn't need to go back.

Hmmm… that sounds like a decision best left to those who treated her. The program is 45 days for a reason and to only complete two weeks of treatment is not the way to go. Sel reportedly made it through the first week, called 'Survivor's Week,' which is the programs toughest week.

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