Selena Gomez is fresh-faced and positive on her new Seventeen cover, which ranked her No. 1 on its first-ever Power List of young women in Hollywood. Sel has a super, duper squeaky clean image -- but that may be tarnished because a photo of the singer and actress has us wondering if she has picked up a nasty habit.

In the first pictures of Gomez to surface after her on-off ex Justin Bieber's arrest (Jan. 23) for DUI and drag racing, she was spotted with a large cup of soda and a pack of cigarettes in her hand. The brand is Djarum, which are cloves. Could the stress of the Biebs' sitch have caused her to resort to smoking to deal with the headaches and drama?

She also wore a bindi in the middle of her forehead, something that has generated criticism and controversy in the past.

A blind item popped up a few weeks back, suggesting that Sel is quietly battling a cocaine and alcohol problem, another thing that is decidedly at odds with her pristine public image.

She is quite a role model for Selenators, but if she is indeed drinking, doing bumps and/or has picked up a smoking habit, she could be going down the same road as her formerly precious on-off BF.

We're not sure what to make of this. Maybe she was buying them for someone else? See Pics of Selena Gomez With a Pack of Djarums here.