Crisp fall days will be here before you know it, which means it is time to get our fill of the best cider donuts in the Capital Region.

Of all the things we love about fall in Upstate New York, my favorite thing is eating all the great cider donuts at our great orchards and bakeries. In fact, I love them so much, that I started eating them all year long. Which is fine I guess, but there is just something about autumn, the harvest, and the perfect cider donut.

Once we hit Labor Day Weekend, we are in prime cider donut season. It will move swiftly like the shift from summer to fall weather and will slip away with the autumn winds and leaves before you know it.

It has been a couple of years since we put this one up to vote. So for 2022, to help you maximize your donut-eating efforts to try the best of the best in the weeks ahead, we turned to our listeners and asked: Who serves the best cider donuts in the Capital Region? Here are the delicious results - and happy eating!

See The Capital Region's 10 Best Cider Donuts 2022 [RANKED]

It is hard to believe that fall 2022 is upon us which means the return of all of our favorite Upstate New York autumn activities. While they are available all year long, indulging in some delicious local cider donuts just may be the most enjoyable and satisfying of those fall activities. While we have a LONG list of great cider donut spots, we once again went to our listeners to determine the best of the best. So Who serves the best cider donuts in the Capital Region? Here are the top 10 for autumn 2022 according to you!

The Capital Regions 10 Best Cider Donuts [RANKED]

It's a fall staple in the Capital Region, and these are the 10 best spots to grab a cider donut.

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