Once you graduate college, it's time to make a few big life decisions. Where am I going to work? Also, where am I going to live?

Thousands of young professionals across the state make those decisions every year, but when it comes to New York, where are younger people moving more than most?

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The website Niche is a rankings database, that compiles data on schools, neighborhoods, towns and more in order to provide information to families about safety, livability and other key factors. Niche surveyed data on New York's counties, and compiled a list of the best counties for young professionals looking to live in the state.

As it turns out, six of the 11 counties in the Capital Region are on Niche's list.

When examining the best counties for young professionals, Niche took into account a number of important factors. They weighed the quality of housing, the cost of living, the nightlife and outdoor activity scene and much more.

Those factors were combined into one total grade, the Good for Young Professionals mark, which was used to rank the counties against one another.

The Capital Region's Albany County was not only the top county in the district to make the list. It was also considered a Top 5 county in New York for young professionals, something that is very promising for the overall growth of the region. One other county, Saratoga County, was included in the list's Top 10.

With that being said, here are the Top 25 counties that Niche considers the best for young professionals in New York, and where counties in the Capital Region stack up against the rest.

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