They won't completely erase the sticker shock you are having at the pump right now, but they can keep some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Right now gasoline prices are higher than they have been in years. While we are not as bad as say California, according to Gas Buddy Upstate New York does have some of the more expensive gas prices in the nation averaging about $3.40 to $3.59 a gallon. Ouch!!

For those of us commuting to work and especially those who need to drive for work, those extra dollars and cents on every gallon can quickly add up. Let's face it - expensive gas can be a budget breaker every month. I have a reasonable commute, but like any family with several kids, every dollar matters. The only real solution long term is for the trend of gas prices to plummet in a favorable direction. That really is the only way we will start seeing real, tangible savings at the pump.

The Cheapest Gas In the Capital Region

Until that price plummet happens, at least you can keep a little extra money in your pocket by getting gas at the cheapest price possible. That is where Gas Buddy comes in. They do a great job compiling a list of the cheapest gas stations in the area, and here are the 10 in the Capital Region with the cheapest price per gallon. These are spread out all over the area so chances are you can find a fill-up spot close to you or on a route you travel!

See The 10 Cheapest Gas Stations In The Capital Region

AS we head into the New Year, gas prices are finally going down. Here are the 10 Capital Region gas stations with the lowest prices for a gallon or regular gas as of Wednesday, December 29, 2021, according to Gas Buddy. These prices are a moving target so keep checking Gas Buddy for updates.

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