Though there are some high-ranking public high schools across the Capital Region, and the state of New York, enrollment in public schools statewide has been trending down over the past two years.

So, why not take a look at the "competition" for New York's public high schools, which would be, its private high schools.

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The Capital Region boasts a number of strong options for parents who are looking to provide their children with an alternate route for their education. From institutions with strong academic standing and college placement programs, to schools that boast nationally-recognized sports programs and interscholastic clubs, the Capital Region truly has it all.

So much so, in fact, that parents have taken to the website, Niche, in order to voice their opinions on public high schools in the area. If you're unfamiliar, Niche is a website for parents and their children, as well as employees, to read reviews of schools, workplaces and neighborhoods when making decisions for their respective futures.

Niche takes the reviews submitted to them, and uses them as a system to rank different entities on their safety and viability. With that said, here are the rankings for the top ten private high schools in the Capital Region, as ranked by Niche.

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