Apparently, my entire life of chicken wing enjoyment has all been a lie, a sham a fake. According to our Facebook page, "Big Chicken Wing" is out to get us, and we are ALL being lied to.

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Comment courtesy of Facebook / 104.5 The Team / Tommy Tucker.
Comment courtesy of Facebook / 104.5 The Team / Tommy Tucker.

In a response to our post last week asking one of the basic cuisine-related questions out there (flats or drums?), Joe Hurley responded saying that he prefers the wings. He also adds in an astute point, claiming that both must be cooked correctly in order for a true judgement to be made. Very well said, Joe.

Then, Tommy Tucker responded. This is where the theory first presents itself. Wings have now been called a "scam" right here on our Facebook page. He expands on this point, however, and makes a fair argument in favor of the scam theory. He explains how "Big Chicken Wing" has been executing the scam, presenting us with 12 "wings" in an order, when in actuality, it's just six wings split into two halves. This, in theory, then leaves us with six drums, and six flats, the two parts of the chicken wing over which we have been debating.

This isn't just a conspiracy theory, however, as Tommy Tucker sums up in another comment:

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Comment courtesy of Facebook / 104.5 The Team / Tommy Tucker.

The Tucker's have moved from wings to thighs, and do appear to be getting more of a bang for their buck. This is also a wise decision, as those looking for more meat for the dollar amount will likely benefit from the purchase of thighs, or breasts, instead of wings.

I knew I would come to the Capital Region and learn a lot. Living in a new state, starting a new job, and everything that comes with adult life was going to come at me very quickly, and it has. This revelation, however, that "Big Chicken Wing" has us all by the wattles, is something I never could've expected.

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