Tensions are high here in New York State. Housing costs are through the roof, a trip to the grocery store is double what it cost a few months ago and even though gas prices are slowly coming down they haven't returned to a comfortable level for any of us.

If you add the stress of inflation to our every day worries and concerns, something is going to pop. Maybe that is what prompted a fight recently at an Upstate gas station. Was pulling a knife necessary though?

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There is a small gas station down the street from my home in Niskayuna. Every time I am there I see the dance of the cars. One car pointed one way, another the other way, each just trying to take turns getting gas. Every once and a while someone "cuts" the line but, so far, I haven't seen anyone pull a knife because of it.

On Wednesday July 27th, According to New York State Police, Troopers responded to a call in Wappinger, NY regarding a dispute at a gas station. Was the station being robbed? Was someone's card declined? No, this dispute occurred because one individual cut in front of another at the gas line.


Once officers arrived at the Gulf Station on State Route 9 they saw a fight in progress with one individual holding a knife. Officers were able to disarm the suspect with the knife. Following an investigation it was determined that all of this started when one person allegedly cut the line at the gas pump.

NYS Police arrested 23-year-old Sydney E. Heidt of Wappinger. Heidt is charged with Menacing in the 2nd degree, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th degree, both class A misdemeanors.

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