According to the leader, A school social worker from Painted Post appeared in federal court facing serious charges involving a child.

On August 11 an undercover sting began with a social networking post online.  According to FBI court documents, 38-year-old Jacob M. Gorman allegedly responded to a post where an undercover agent was posing as a parent of a nine-year-old child. The agent was offering the child for sex, and Gorman responded.

Gorman sent a message to the undercover agent asking how he could get a chance.  He also said that he was dead serious about his intentions. The undercover officer and Gorman discussed payment arrangements ranging up to $400.

Gorman and the officer arranged to meet on Thursday so that Gorman could have sex with the child.  Once Gorman arrived at the location, officers in Broome County took him into custody.

During questioning, Gorman admitted that he withdrew $490 from an ATM machine so that he could pay for the sexual encounter with the child

On Thursday, federal authorities charged Gorman with a felony count of using a facility and means of interstate and for commerce to knowingly attempt to persuade, induce, entice and coerce an individual under 18 to engage in sexual activities.  According to the FBI, Gorman intended to commit state-level felony count crimes such as a criminal sexual act, and first-degree rape.

Jacob Gorman remains in jail awaiting trial.  He could receive a statutory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if found guilty.

This is just another instance of the dangerous world we live in.  Parents are required to send their children to school and should be able to trust the adults in the building. This guy is a school social worker, he is surrounded by children every day. The thought of him reaching out on the Internet to commit such heinous acts is mind-boggling.

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