Do you remember the case of Nicola Cottone’s she accused several Schenectady Police officers of excessive force and police brutality? It seems she has reached an agreement in the civil rights case against the city. She also accused of a lieutenant of using her picture to brag about the abuse. The Lieutenant was quoted saying "this is what happens when you touch one of my guys".

A document filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court by her attorney, Kevin Luibrand, said Cottone and the city reached an agreement and could formally vote on the settlement at the council's next full meeting Oct. 9.

So far, there is no word on how much the city will pay Cottone but an official familiar with the negotiations described the amount as "significant."

Cottone's hands were cuffed behind her back when the incident took place Sept. 13, 2016, in a room that's normally used for roll call and not where people in custody are held.

What would possess police officer’s who are supposed to be serving and protecting to beat a woman up and share the picture as bragging rights? Is so far beyond me I will never be able to understand.

Police Officer’s who cost the city this much money should have to pay a portion of the money themselves, I'm sure if that would happen this would decrease these incidents immediately. They could also use this money to get officer’s to tell on other officers who are being excessive in the field.

The fact that this is costing the City Of Schenectady so much money that could be used for better things other than paying for officers who are obviously out of control. Schenectady is already a city that has budgeting issues a few more lawsuits like this could bankrupt the city.

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