It was a scary scene at Mount Marcy in Keene, New York on Sunday, August 21st. A man from Schenectady, New York was injured while hiking the peak, which is part of the Adirondack High Peaks, and forest rangers were called to his rescue.

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Schenectady, New York Man Rescued from Mount Marcy in Adirondacks

As reported by WNYT Channel 13 in Albany, a 57-year old man was rescued from Mount Marcy, the highest point in the state of New York, on Sunday. The man was found with his 15-year old son, and had suffered a significant knee injury while hiking in the area.

Due to the precarious location of the hikers, the state chose to bring a helicopter to the scene, and attempt to drop a forest ranger onto the scene to provide immediate assistance. Bad weather forced the ranger to drop away from the injured hiker, and cover the rest of the distance by foot.

The Adirondack Mountain News provided the following update on the situation on their Facebook page:

The "second line of defense", meanwhile, was on-foot traversing the landscape of the Adirondacks, and eventually made it to the location to join the first ranger on the scene. The article explains that twelve total people (nine rangers, three search and rescue volunteers) arrived on-scene to help administer aid to the hiker.

In total, the crew carried the man three miles down from his perch in order to transport him for medical evaluation.

It's scary enough when anyone gets trapped in the mountains during a hike. What makes this one even scarier, and therefore even more miraculous, is that the police had to use a helicopter, and that it didn't originally work.

Luckily, it's not in the DNA of forest rangers to quit after the first option fails, and thanks to their commitment, the man and his son were able to get off the mountain safely.

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