Kevin Gates is responding to comedian Druski saying the Khaza rapper should be locked up after a clip of Gates aggressively mimicking sex acts during a recent performance went viral.

Kevin Gates has the internet going nuts over a viral video of the Louisiana rapper giving a sexually charged performance at a recent show in Texas. On Monday (Aug. 22), comedian Druski shared the video on his Instagram page. He jokingly captioned the snippet, "We not gone act like this Nigga dont Deserve JailTime This aint normal man."

Kevin jokingly responded to the ribbing by the popular funny man in the comment section of the post.

"#itbeyourownpeople," he wrote along with shoulder shrug and crying laughing emojis.

Kevin Gates responds to Drewski

Kevin Gates is getting all kinds of reactions to the viral video on Twitter.

"That kevin gates video is hilarious like why you doin all that bra," one person questioned.

"Kevin Gates eats Viagra pills for breakfast and washes it down with royal honey," another person typed.

"Kevin Gates look like he’ll start punching you in the face during sex," someone else opined.

This is one of many of Kevin Gates' recent times becoming a trending topic for some sort of sexual content. In June, he dropped a song where he expressed his sexual desires for Beyonce. He later doubled down on his sentiment about Jay-Z's wife. In July, Kevin left City Girls' Yung Miami speechless after spilling the tea on his sexual past on her podcast Caresha Please.

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