Activist Jamaica Miles is holding politicians accountable for police reform.   The activist took on City Hall this past week for changes in the New York State Governor's executive order for police reform in counties statewide.

Jamaica Miles put up a live video on Facebook, as she continues to do the work, to reform police and politics in Schenectady through activism.  Jamaica has been very active in police reform in Schenectady since there was the attention given to the death of George Floyd and others harmed by police across the nation. 

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The city was in the national spotlight just week's after the death of George Floyd for a Schenectady police officer was caught on video placing his knee on the neck of Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud.

According to Jamaica Miles, the Schenectady Police Reinvention Package has been reinvented.  After knee holds that were banned by the governor last year. The Schenectady City Council added knee holds back to the City's policing policy.  Also, the activist pointed out the vague use of "pain control".   This is very confusing and subjective and adds to the lack of accountability on the behalf of the city's police department. 

The activist calls out the need for changes in police for the people of Schenectady and she feels that the only reason this is being brought to attention is that the executive order was given by Governor Cuomo last year.   This is a new level of being held accountable for politicians and police because social media allows people to be vocal about their views and opinions on policy and politics. 

Jamaica is proactive and passionate about holding politicians, accountable when most people have stopped paying attention to politics and policy.  This is important because this policy has been sent to the Governor with no consultation from the citizens that are supposed to be protected by the police. 

Jamaica calls out the lack of accountability from Schenectady Mayor Gary Mc Carthy, the City Council with the exception of Marion Porterfield.  She calls for a ban on excessive force such as knee holds, hog ties, chokeholds, and strangle ties. 

This is a powerful live stream she actually tagged the politicians and the video has been viewed by over 2k people so far. What do you think are Jamaica's concerns about the police reform policy valid?

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