Doh! After two years of waiting to get back at it in person, that damn 'Winter Storm Quinlan' had to come in and mess everything up for us. This 'bomb cyclone', in weather terms, is expected to make our Saturday really hellish.

That being said, it doesn't make for the ideal day to be marching down Central Ave, especially when wind gusts could get up around 50mph. But the good news is that the parade will move to next Saturday, March 19th, just two days shy of the holiday itself.

Everything else will be the same, it will step off at the corner of Central and Quail at 2pm and make its way across Central Ave and head down to the area of the Capitol building. Road closures set to take place this Saturday will instead be moved to next Saturday (3/19).

Rain and snow will begin Friday night and head into Saturday. The immediate Capital Region is expected to get 4-6" of snow in this next winter storm, areas to the north and west could see as much as a foot. Snow could fall at a rate of 1-2" per hour.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Complicating things even further are the predicted wind gusts that could reach up to 50mph in some places. The National Weather Service is already recommending against any unnecessary travel. That would include a parade.

You never know what March is going to bring, there have been parades canceled by snow before. There have also been years we've worn shorts and t-shirts to the parade. Hopefully the new parade date of March 19 will bring sunny skies and temps in the 60's.

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