Saratoga Springs City Police arrested 14 teenagers yesterday for purchasing phony IDs from a website in China for $75 a piece. Talk about a buzz kill!

According to the Times Union, the repercussions of handing personal information over to a Chinese company will lead to a lifetime of credit debt. The fact that their “IDs” were revoked will also reduce their swag with friends who, most likely, banked on them being the hook ups for booze. Guess it’s back to Red Bull and Pineapple Juice for the young’n’s in Toga Town!

Members of the Saratoga Springs Police Department were stunned at how real the IDs looked. The IDs were said to be convincing enough to fool border patrol, airport security and most likely any bouncer, convenience worker or liquor store. So the IDs were convincing, but what about the excessive acne, pre-pubescent facial hair, and the bagged lunches their parents made them for school? (Just kidding)

When we were underage we played “hey mister”, robbed daddy’s liquor cabinet, begged an older brother or sister, not to mention – we were masters at manipulation with the infamous white and red colored pencils. For a seemingly harmless act, the punishment is going to be much more severe for going the “professional route”. All of which are much easier than wiring almost $100 to a foreign country. Here’s your lesson, kids – wait for college… there’s always a frat ready to drown you with as much “drank” as you want.

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