Cats were discovered in a local trailer.  A lot of cats (134 to be exact).  A month long investigation of animal neglect lead to the arrests of Earl Millard, Arthur Millard and Mary Ryan.

The mugshot of the offenders is quite comical, their crime is the opposite.  According to YNN, an area animal hospital reached out to state authorities when one of the owners brought in a cat to get looked at (the cat passed away later that day).  Several of the 134 cats living inside the trailer were extremely ill - the trailer has now been condemned by authorities.

The punishment doesn't quite fit the crime - the 3 offenders could face fines, jail time or both.  It's not a severe punishment in my eyes.  Especially considering their trailer was more or less a Guantanamo Bay for kitties.

Maybe the Millards and Ms. Ryan are horders, mentally unstable, over-the-top cat lovers, or a mix of all three.  Whether you have an affection for cats or animals in general, report any suspicious animal treatment behavior to authorities or SPCA immediately.