In the Albany area we have several areas where we can hit bar/club scene. One area that CNN suggests hanging out is Saratoga, but what do you think?

So CNN is trying to giveaway one of our best little secrets. That secret just so happens to be the city of Saratoga Springs. They are telling people from NYC that it's one of the best places to escape to. So that got us thinking; is it?

Obviously you can't believe everything that you hear or read - except when it comes from us - but Saratoga is one of the best places we have. We might just take it for granted a bit. Why is that? because it's always been there. Sure it's a big spot in the summer, but lets not forget that places like the Racino and Caroline Street are open all the time.

So if you have to choose from one of our great Albany area locations to spend some time, where would it be? Albany, Troy, Schenectady or up in beautiful Saratoga?