Not sure if this is a first, but here's what went down. On Friday, Saratoga County Sheriff's deputies went to a home in Malta to serve a court order. The man they were serving, 62 year old James Daley, didn't take it too well. Apparently a fight ensued where Daley kicked one of the officers with ice spikes he was wearing on his shoes. The deputy was injured, though it's not known to what extent.

Saratoga County Sheriff's Office
Saratoga County Sheriff's Office

It's not exactly clear what court order they were serving him with, but it sounds like he recused to accept it and that's when things got physical. There were no reports of other officers injured or if Daley suffered any injuries.

Daley is now facing a felony charge of assault as well as obstructing governmental administration and criminal possession of a weapon. He was taken to Saratoga County Jail in lieu of bail.

Ice spikes are designed to fit over shoes or boots in order to provide better traction over frozen surfaces. Often used by hikers or those headed out to do some ice fishing (which, by the way, leads to prostitution). Contraptions to hold the spikes on the shoe are usually plastic, but the spikes themselves are metal and extremely sharp. So yeah, that can be REALLY painful if you get kicked.

Boot with crampons.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Still, very stupid to fight with cops. They have better weapons. And radios to call other cops with even more weapons. Now this guy is facing even more charges than originally brought.

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