It seems like every day a police office is getting them selves in trouble for not respecting other people or the law... While all being recorded by the modern convenience of a camera. This time the incident took place in Halfmoon.

The video shows the officer cursing at the person he was speaking with, and the sound of what the videotaper alleges was a slap can be heard. Officers had spotted a rifle in the back of the parked car, according to the video.

The Saratoga County Sheriff's deputy has been suspended without pay pending an investigation and possible disciplinary action after an incident that took place during a roadside interview in Halfmoon during the early hours of Nov. 7.

After watching the video. Do you think the officer was wrong ? I really didn't have a problem with the way he was talking to the man at first. A little cursing never hurt anyone (at least he didn't kill him) but the way he tries to bully him into allowing him to search the car is WRONG !If he really did slap the man he is in even more trouble and probably will get sued and fired. We have laws in this country to protect people and for the general good of our society.

When your a police officer you have to follow the rules meticulously when trying to accuse someone of a crime. It is only fair; but when you try to force people into incriminating themselves that is technically breaking the law. Even if he did find 10 illegal guns in the back of the car they would have lost the case in court because of Officer Glans behavior. The officer was suspended with out pay. Do you think the police department should seek further action ?

This isn't the first person he has talked to like this and it won't be the last. Someone should do a study on the long term psychological effects of authority and policing.

According to Carlos Miller of Photography Is Not A Crime

In 1999, Deputy Glans was forced to pay millions of dollars after smashing head-on into a father of six while driving nearly triple the speed limit. The man, who had spent the last 14 and a half hours at work trying to provide for his family, was left so brain-damaged that he became blind and paralyzed, only able to move his left arm slightly.