Two of Kanye West's most talked-about songs of 2012 have been remixed for your listening pleasure. The RZA just released an alternate version of Yeezy's 'White Dress' track from the 'The Man with the Iron Fist' soundtrack, while T.I. spit a freestyle on Ye's song 'Clique' from 'Cruel Summer.'

The alternate version of 'White Dress' (remixed by Tru James) is more bare bones than the original song. On the track, the soulful sample is more upfront as Kanye raps his stream-of-conscious flow about looking for the perfect woman to marry. There are also vocals effects and a hint of a gospel choir humming throughout the song that's not heard on the original version.

On the 'Clique' remix, Tip kicks off the song with a boastful verse about his get-money crew Hustle Gang. "Money is what we talking about / How you want it? / Cash, credit or the Swizz account," he raps. "Holla when you see me / Now you know we run s--- / We about that action train that go / Don't nobody can do it like my motherf---in' clique."

Both songs are interesting takes on already perfectly good Yeezy songs. It just shows that Ye continues to influence fellow rappers both lyrically and musically.

Listen to Kanye West, 'White Dress' (Alternate Version)