Rob $tone just so happens to be one of the dopest rappers coming out of the West Coast. He just dropped his visual for “Okay Okay Okay,” which depicts a house party nothing short of great.

Coming off of his mixtape I’m Almost Ready, “Okay Okay Okay” shows off what a real penthouse gathering should look like. Throughout the nearly three-minute video, fans get to see Rob $tone cuddled up with some beautiful women, smoking weed and just having a flat-out good time. The rapper said he got this video done in one day and was able to recruit the females featured by announcing the shoot on his Instagram page.

“Okay, okay, okay I hopped up off the block, I had to blow and get away away/Okay, okay I give them heart attacks with what I say, all my problems getting solved you niggas in my lane, just in my way,” Rob spits. “Okay, okay, okay, I count it everyday and just spend it on my babe okay/Okay, okay I'm a spend a couple thousand, put some Cartier’s up on my face.”

Rob $tone closed out his 2016 with the release of his EP, Lemotional Season, by 1207. He also just sent in his pitch for XXL’s 2017 Freshman List.

Check out the video for “Okay Okay Okay” below.

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