4 years ago today, the world of music came to a screeching halt as we learned of the death of the "King of Pop" - Michael Jackson. Today is a sad day for many. Where were you when you found out the news?

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I remember exactly where I was , where I was standing, and who I was with. We were saying our goodbyes to my friend Kate as she was heading off to Syracuse for her graduate studies. It was a ladies night and we all went to Lanie's Cafe in Loudonville and had a Bon Voyage dinner for her. We had to wait for our table so we all went to the bar and had adult beverages while we were waiting, but of course.

I happened to look up at 1 of the many TV screens and saw the headlines, "Michael Jackson Dead?" "Is the King of Pop Dead?" so on and so forth. Then my phone rang and it was my step-sister Lisa telling me that Michael Jackson had died, it had  been confirmed. My world and I think many other music loving people's worlds came to a stop, I froze, I couldn't believe it, I did not want to believe it and was in complete and utter shock. I qA beside myself along with my step-sister, I wanted to go home, I wanted to be alone. Music is my life and his was a big part of mine growing up.

I can bet you that I probably cried right there in the middle of the bar, knowing me. Aint ashamed to admit it!! 4 years ago today can you believe it? I had the Thriller t-shirt, his music on vinyl, lip-synced his songs on the  front porch of our big old 2 family on Brower St. in Sch'dy with my girl Christine and watched his music videos over and over  and over again as a child. Hitting the reeeeeeeewind on the VCR, oh yes!!

Although things got pretty weird with him as time went on, I put those stories and allegations far, far away in my brain and continued and still continue to play his hits still to this day whether blaring in my car or at home while I am cleaning my house, I have no shame in my dam game, I grew up with MJ!!!!!

So a big RIP shout out to the one and only Michael Jackson there will never be any duplicates nor any other person who will ever be able to fill his shoes. NEVER , EVER, sorry kids!


1958 - 2009

Gone but certainly not forgotten.