In January 2012, after touring non-stop and dropping a new album, Rihanna took a much-needed vacation in Hawaii. The ‘Where Have You Been’ songstress just shared pictures from her Hawaiian beach adventure on her official Facebook page, and there’s some sexy pictures of the Bajan skinny dipping and posing in sultry position whilst soaking up the sun’s rays.

Rihanna flaunted her killer body in these pictures from her Hawaiian vacation, posing in a green bikini aside a majestic lagoon with a waterfall. At the same spot, in a different white bikini, the always free-spirited RiRi seized the moment of privacy by stripping off her top in the secluded pool… The whole secluded thing is kind of ruined after you share pictures like this on Facebook, though.

During her relaxing stay, 24-year-old Ms. Fenty also hit up the sandy beaches. She looks like she had a blast as she frolicks around the shore, throwing up her arms and beaming for the camera. However, tanning and playing in the waves weren’t the only activities RiRi partook in during her vacay in Hawaii. She also went scuba diving (she looks so cute in those gigantic goggles), horseback riding, and partied on a boat at sunset. Check out RiRi double-fisting those Bud Lights! Girl loves a good time!

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