Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been spotted out more than usual together lately and after Kanye dropped the L bomb about Kim in his new song 'Theraflu' its obvious something is going on.

The two were first spotted during Paris Fashion week at Kanye's ready to wear Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show early March. Kim and Kanye were then spotted a couple nights ago coming out of the movie theater from going to see "The Hunger Games" together (personally thought that movie was great by the way, or maybe that's because my friends and I have a habit of narrating movies as we think they should go but I digress). The next morning paparazzi caught Kim leaving the rappers NYC apartment in the same clothes as the night before (really Kim?) and it doesn't stop there. Paparazzi caught Kim the same day with a just big enough to see hicky on her neck, sources close to her say it's definitely from Mr. West.

I don't feel like these two dating is far fetched at all. It actually surprises me more that it didn't happen sooner, or at least come out sooner. Just think about it. They both love attention, they're both materialistic, they're both into fashion, people hate them both (not me I love them lol) and the list goes on. The press is already calling them 'Kimye' (yikes) and I'm thinking more like YeKim (yay Kim) for finding a man that she might actually keep! Weird how women that beautiful always struggle to keep a man in that industry huh? I'm curious to see how this will effect her divorce battle with Kris Humphries. I heard Hump. Is asking for $10 million to settle or he's going to expose the real Kim (I'm going to cross my fingers for something juicy but he's probably bluffing).

Do you think Kanye and Kim K. would make a good couple?

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