Rihanna is the chameleon of all hair chameleons. The 'Stay' singer showed off a short, blond cut with heavy bangs while in N.Y.C. yesterday (May 13), working on photo shoots for her River Island fashion collection and for her MAC Cosmetics campaign. However, the white blond locks are probably a wig.

She tweeted about her shoots -- what a pro! The girl never stops working.

This shag is a severe look for Ri, especially when combined with her bright red lips. She is prone to changing her hair on a whim, and was just rocking super long and ruler straight strands about a week ago. Now this!

This dramatic cut was probably designed for one of the photo shoots, to highlight the drama of the products and the poses. We're guessing she adopted this look for the MAC shoot, since she will most likely be in it, wearing the makeup. It's not clear if she'll be in the River Island photos.

Whatever the case, we cannot wait to see the finished images, so we can understand why RiRi and the shoot director chose this look for that particular campaign.

That's the beauty of being a pop star with a bevvy of stylists at your disposal. You can change your look whenever and however you'd like, with whatever frequency you wish. We just hope she has a good deep conditioner, since her real strands take a beating from all these extensions, wigs, dye jobs and maintenance.

PopCrushers and Navy members, what's your take on RiRi as a platinum blonde with heavy bangs?

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