Ride Along was one of the surprise hits of 2014, making a massive pile of cash in the traditionally slow month of January. A sequel was inevitable. Like clockwork, Ride Along 2 is set to arrive almost exactly two years to the day after the first film. Which means the second outing of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s mismatched buddy cops was written, shot, edited and will be released in the space of 728 days.

The first film followed a wacky civilian (Hart) goes on a crazy ride along with his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube), who just so happens to be a very serious, no-nonsense police officer with no time for tomfoolery of any kind. Hikinks ensued. The sequel picks up some time later. Hart is now a cop himself and partnered with Cube, which raises all kinds of questions about the rules and regulations of the Atlanta Police Department. Anyway, the duo is dispatched to Miami to take on a drug lord on the eve of Hart’s wedding. Hijinks ensue again. Kevin Hart screams. Ice Cube scowls. You slowly realize that there is no ride along in the movie titled Ride Along 2.

Universal could be saving all of the good jokes for the finished film, but what’s on display here looks tired at best. Ride Along 2 opens on January 15, 2016. It’s going to make a bunch of money no matter what.

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