Kevin Hart dropped by The Breakfast Club studio to explain again his decision to not host The Oscars, his new film 'The Upside', playing dynamic roles in life and on screen + much more.

- Releasing new film “The Upside”

- People keep asking him about The Oscars

- What is the greatest lesson you learned from this?

- What happened to the world, why can’t people make mistakes?

- Kevin's role in the film as a caretaker

- Playing a dramatic role

- People misunderstanding Kevin

- The culture is shifting

- Harvey Weinstein

- What is the proper way to handle all comments and old tweets?

- R. Kelly

- Cowboys and Indians theme party

- Cell phone policy at his shows

- Do you think Black Celebrities get treated differently?

- Tiffany Haddish

- Michael Blackson

- Appearance on Ellen

- Don Lemon

- 'You can't fake being a good person'

Watch the full interview below:

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