Lots of football fans are talking smack  to one another today as they guzzle down beer and throw down some chicken wings! Keep it violence free please! But, you know I gotta set the tone for you football freaks and bring it baaaaack! This time Brand Nubian style!

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God, what the hell happened to these fellas?? Brings me back to my high school days how bout you?? Maybe you have no idea who these cats are cuz you are too young, which is A OK!! I am more than happy to share this goodness with you, give you some hip hop roots, and bring it back to the dayz before Lil Wayne and Drake.

The year 1993. The album "In God We Trust." The song "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down!"  This song will amp you up, trust me. The beat, the vibe, the lyrics, the video, everything about it, so thought this is only appropriate as you all talk your football junk lol. "Jets suck!" "Giants are gonna lose AGAIN!!" etc!!

Again, no violence, keep it clean - and allow me to set the tone. Your welcome!