Revolt Summit 2019 was another great music conference I got to experience. This was the second conference out 3 that Revolt will have this year. The next one will take place next month in LA for another 3 day conference.

This particular summit took place this past week/weekend in Atlanta Georgia right in the heart of downtown ATL. The summit is a music conference that attracts a very diverse crowd of people who do just about any and everything within the Music/ TV/ Radio and Entrepreneur world.

There is also panel talks that take place as well all during the conference to allow a moderated converstation on some of the broad questions that most people would have while leaving the door open for  personal questions that the audience may have. This year some of the panel talks included discussions in ; monetizing social media, The art of independence, the gate keepers (A&R), follow her lead , Trap or Vote or more. It was a three day event filled with information, networking and socializing.

There was also a wide range of elite people who where there in attendance as well to connect and drop jewels on the game.

My favorite part of the conference would have to be the networking and connecting with people from all over that do just about everything and not just connecting with the top dawgs but the ones around them as well and like you and me. You never know who is who and how dope someone is until you meet them.

If i could give one piece of advice that i learned would be to stay organized. To be organized is to be prepared and to be prepare is to execute  on a successful level.

I personally encourage artists , personalties, and anybody in the music/ entertainment industry to attend events like this. In order to grow your networth you got to grow your network.