Looks like NFL Commissioner  Roger Goodell may not be able to “C.Y.A.” this time.

Associated Press is claiming that the video of Ray Rice assaulting his then fiancé and now wife, Janay Rice, was sent to the NFL Offices back in April 2014. This is a far cry from the statement the NFL released just yesterday, stating they never received a copy of the tape after numerous requests.

An unnamed law enforcement official is said to have played AP a 12 second voicemail from April 9th, confirming the NFL's receipt of the surveillance video.

Initially, Rice was suspended for 2 games when he alerted NFL officials of the brutal assault. When the video was made public by TMZ on September 8th, the Baltimore Ravens then terminated his contract and the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely.

As expected, the NFL’s official stance is that they have “no knowledge” of anyone within the organization ever receiving a copy of the video surveillance.

What do I think? If you think a multi-billion dollar company with numerous former law enforcement officials as employees was unable to obtain the surveillance video (but TMZ was?!), there’s some beach front property in Nebraska I’d like to sell you…

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