It's been awhile since we've heard from The Incomparable Shakespeare. Earlier in the year, the Brooklyn rhymer dropped 'By Any Dreams Necessary' to rave reviews. Now he's back with a freestyle track called 'High Stakes Remainz.'

On it, Shaky reflects on his rise in the rap game and gives props to his Brooklyn muses over instrumentals of Ahmad Jamal's 'Swahililand,' De La Soul's 'Stakes Is High' and Gang Starr's 'The ? Remainz.'

"From a royal bloodline peep how I became king / Once upon a time there lived a man name Anthony / Some call him Kane the patriarch of the family / His two eldest sons were Christopher and Shawn / Franklin came along and a lyricist was born / Tradition continues on in the county of kings," he raps.

Elsewhere, he drops more punchlines that a boxer in a gym. Peep game:

"Leader of the new school / Welcome to the Ivy league / Even if you got financial aid it won't apply to me," he spits, adding, "I'm the wolf of Wall Street / You little piggies can hang, mayne."

If you are not familiar with The Incomparable Shakespeare then check out his mixtape 'By Any Means Necessary' here.

Listen to The Incomparable Shakespeare's Freestyle Track 'High Stakes Remainz'