It seems like Florida is the leader in #BLANKSTARENEWS. Every story from Florida is always crazier than the last.

The latest resident of Florida to end up in #BLANKSTARE is Florida resident Karen Dilworth. According to the Smoking Gun, police were called to her Florida home. Here is how it all went down:

A witness saw Karen Dilworth, 50, mounted atop the motorcycle on Saturday evening, "leaning backwards" with her legs parted. The witness, who was with her 13-year-old son, also told authorities that Dilworth was naked from the waist down and obviously masturbating. Another witness who saw the same reportedly yelled at Dilworth, ordering to, at the very least, close the garage door. According to the Smoking Gun, she obliged.

I'm surprised the witness allowed this woman to do this in front of her 13-year-old son? This whole situation is summed up by one word and that is WEIRD. Florida, by far, is the blank stare news capital of the world.