Yes there is such a place!

Now I know I spoke last year about throwing axes, that seems to be the in thing to do in upstate NY and there are several businesses out there that offer it. Well what if I told you I came across a place that allows you to destroy, destruct and demolish to let out all that extra rage. It’s called the Relief Room and they are ready for you to let all that stress out in the room by tearing stuff up. Think of adult tantrums and instead of falling out on the floor like a big baby kicking and screaming, you can actually use all that anger on an item by breaking and smashing it into pieces.

Look it’s 2020, time to try something new to relieve our stress and frustration. Some of us self-medicate with overeating, drinking too much, smoking too much and resorting to toxic stuff that isn’t healthy for our bodies at all. Make part of your New Years Resolution to handle your emotions better.

Visit the for more info and let me know what ya’ll think.

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