A few years ago - some of you may remember - there was a red Chevy truck making its way around Albany and the Capital Region with a rather crass message on its rear windshield that said,  I EAT A**!

Photo: Albany Reddit
Photo: Albany Reddit

Assorted pictures of it popped up all over the internet, and the driver was the butt of many jokes. It's pretty safe to assume that the person responsible for such a straightforward assertion is someone who is proud of their work behind the scenes.  And attempts to censor the strange flex, bottomed out.

The I Eat A** truck - to my knowledge - hasn't been seen much lately, but a fine resident from the Capital Region posted what he thinks might be the 2022 version of the red Chevy that wasn't bashful about their love for the booty buffet.

Mike, a Reddit Albany user, told us that he spotted the truck last week while he was at a red light at the corner of 155 and Western Ave in Guilderland.  A short time later, he then posted the pics of it on Albany Reddit, and many of the responses were pure gold.

These are some of our favorites:

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