New York State has announced a number of new resources to help New York families amid the nationwide baby formula shortage.

Back in February, the US FDA warned parents not to use some powdered infant formula made from Abbott Nutrition's Sturgis. The Michigan facility then issued a voluntary recall of certain powdered infant formula.

Help For Struggling New York Parents

Families Struggle To Find Baby Formula As Shortage Worsens Across The Nation
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On Thursday, Gov. Kathy Hochul alerted New York families confronting baby formula shortages about state resources that may help.

"In close coordination with our federal partners, New York State will continue to do everything possible to support New York families in need of formula for their infants," Hochul stated. "My administration is committed to ensuring every newborn and child has access to the nutritional support they need to stay healthy. I urge every parent and guardian to take advantage of these resources and keep up to date with important information to take care of their families."

Hochul confirmed state officials have increased their talks with formula manufacturers to monitor the production of can sizes, supply and shipments.

Hochul also pointed out that the New York State Women, Children and Infants Program is helping parents find the baby formulas needed via alternate stores, and they are also working with manufacturers to get the formula to participants when not available locally.

Baby Formula Is Latest Product To Suffer Shortages Due Pandemic Induced Supply Chain Issues
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"Reports of infant formula supply shortages are concerning, and we urge New York families to follow the Department's recommendations as we continue to monitor the situation in New York. New York families should work with their infant's medical provider if a new formula suggestion is needed to meet their infant's needs, and all New Yorkers should visit their local New York State Women, Infants and Children Office or prescreen with Wanda, the Department's chatbot, to see if their infant is eligible for WIC benefits," State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said.

State officials also said its very "important that families don't hoard formula, which will further impact the supply chain and other families in their community."

Tips For New York Parents Struggling to Find Baby Formula

Turnbull Government Intervenes Over Growing Baby Formula Shortage
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The New York State Department of Health recommends the following for parents who are struggling to find the baby formula:

  • Contact a local New York State Women, Infants and Children Office
  • Switch to another brand, if approved by your child's doctor
  • Reach out to your child's doctor or OBGYN to see if they have any samples of formula available
  • Never water down formula
  • Don't make forumla at home
  • Never use toddler formula
  • Visit smaller stores and drug stores
  • Only buy baby food online from well-recognized companies and pharmacies
  • Don't throw away formula that wasn't part of the recall
  • Follow the manufacturer's preparation and storage instructions for all forumla

For more information, support, and WIC eligibility, visit New York State Women, Infants and Children Office or prescreen with Wanda.

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