Fellow renters, this one is for you.

Anyone who has recently had to renew their lease agreement, or worse, find a new apartment or house to lease, knows exactly how deadly the rental market is right now. In line with the rest of the inflation the country is seeing (not a political commentary, just a fact), the price of rent has skyrocketed in recent months.

We all need places to live, however, so we're forced to suck it up, and pay the price.

Now, if you are making the move to the Capital Region, and renting is your best option at the moment, here is what you can expect to pay.

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The website RentData.org tracks rent prices of different apartment sizes across the United States, and presents the data in a way that is useful to prospective renters. They've collected data on rent trends early in 2022, and allow us to take a look at the state as a whole.

In New York State, the average cost of a studio apartment is $890 a month, while a one-bedroom clocks in at $991. The list cascades up from there, going from $1,207 for a two-bedroom, to $1,492 for a three-bedroom, and to a whopping $1,637 for a four-bedroom apartment.

These numbers are eye-popping, to say the least, as costs are up $50 to $100 from 2021 across the board.

That said, they also have collected data in past years from each county, allowing us to examine the price of rent in each of the Capital Region's 11 counties. Here's how much it was to rent an apartment in each county in the region in 2021.

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