In the video for Seattle rapper Raz Simone's 'Still Mobbin'  rides through his city at night reminiscing about his first kilogram, strap and first time whipping up in the trap. The black and white video moves from nighttime solitude to camaraderie and crew love in the daylight.

As the song moves into its sing-song coda, Simone mobs with featured singer Ariana DeBoo and a large number of his affiliates. "I don't wanna kill / Swear to God I don't want to kill / But I got a son and a momma still / Therefore I will, I'm still mobbin'," he says as this more joyous section starts.

'Still Mobbin' is a cut from Simone's upcoming 'Cognitive Dissonance: Part One.' The video is directed and edited by the Black Umbrella collective's Andrew Imanaka and Simone himself.