Harry Styles has pricy taste in art. The One Direction hunk spent $33,000 on artwork by Hayden Kays, whose work is love and sex-based -- but not in the way that you'd think.

In fact, Hays' works are comprised of words with subtle touches and flourishes of humor.

Styles purchased 20 pieces last week, according to E! The insider said, "They are original works and they are all unique. They are not prints. They are all done on the same typewriter. Each piece is hand-typed and produced."

The pieces, which were part of the 'Hot 100' exhibit in London, are about $1,500 on average. The source furthered, "The artworks show a level of sentiment and love and affection. They are social commentary and involve mind games. They have a theme of love and sex." We love the one about sitting outside on a lovely day, buried in an iPhone.

These are the last of Kays' typewriter pieces, which he has done for a few years. The fact that the artist won't be producing these typed works any longer could have played a part in why Styles made the purchases.

Styles reportedly owns other pieces by the artist, who is controversial in their native U.K.

"Harry and Hayden have a creative understanding and admire each other's creativity," the source said.

We wonder what Harry's supposed missus, Kendall Jenner, thinks of these works.

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