Kendall Jenner, look out! Actress Emma Roberts has revealed that her favorite member of One Direction is none other than Harry Styles.

"Oh yes, Harry, of course," the newly bobbed actress told Chelsea Handler. "My little sister and I talk about One Direction all day. I’m scared if someone ever saw my phone. It’s like 'Harry Styles. Harry Styles. Harry Styles.'"

Don't be scared, Emma. Our phones often say "Niall Horan. Niall Horan. Niall Horan."

Roberts revealed that she sorta stanned the boys at an event. "I made sure to accidentally bump into all of them at an award show. I have 100 selfies on my phone with all of them," the actress said.

Emma x Liam. Such a cute aerial selfie.

Emma x Niall. Um, where's Harry?