Oh no! Poor Niall Horan. The One Direction cutie is said to be suffering from a variety of issues and has taken to reading self-help books in order to cure all that ails him.

The singer, 20, has stocked up on self-help psychology books to read more about the claustrophobia and panic attacks from which he suffers.

He recently endured a panic attack when he was stuck in an elevator – a lift, if you're British!— in a hotel in Italy with eight other people. Horan has dealt with claustrophobia since childhood. When he became mega famous with 1D, things obviously got worse, with swarms of Directioners following him and invading his personal space.

He is said to be pouring through the books while recovering from recent knee surgery.

A Horan insider said, "Niall really wants to conquer this problem once and for all. He’s essentially practicing amateur psychology at the moment and is getting through three books a week."

Three books a week? Wow! If Niall is absorbing that much literature and material, he is serious about conquering his issues.

The source furthered, "The self-help books are teaching him how to manage crowds with various coping techniques. He has stacks of them by his bed and they’re really making a difference to his state of mind."

Hey, whatever works! We just want Niall Horan to be happy and healthy!

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