Last week, we reported that Raz-B was clinging to life and in a coma after being assaulted with a bottle as a result of a nightclub brawl in China. Well, guess what? It was all a hoax. WTF?

Raz-B's manager, Elayne Rivers, confessed to CNN that the former B2K singer's injuries weren't life threatening. "The comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative," said Rivers.

According to the rep, a fake publicist named Toy Jones sent out a false story to media outlets, like TMZ and CNN, that Raz-B was on life support after doctors discovered no brain activity. Then, miraculously, the crooner sprung out of it within a 24-hour period.

We have to admit, initially, we thought the story was questionable but we've seen more outrageous stories than this.

Jones claims that she was hired by Raz-B's family and was ordered to inform the media of this now fabricated story.

The question we want to know is -- where was Raz-B's official publicist in all of this kerfuffle? Ms. Rivers could have debunked the story from the get-go instead of waiting three days later to say, "Oops."

The singer's brother, Ricky Romance, told CNN that he too was fooled by the fake reports.

"I was unfortunately unable to contact my brother at the time and then panicked," he said. "I then alerted as many people of this information hoping to gather facts...since the source that gave me this information was what I thought to be legitimately reliable I didn't question I just believed."

"I apologize if I seem like I jumped to conclusions but a coma is a serious situation and it was concerning my brother whom is my best friend as well. I sincerely apologize for the confusion I caused if that is the case," he concluded.

In the end, we are all happy that Raz-B is alive and well and recovering from his injuries.

We can't wait to hear Raz-B's side of the story in all of this.