A 28-year old man from Ravena has been found guilty of rape and now he is facing a long time in jail.

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Ravena resident, 28-year old Shaquille White, has been found guilty of raping an acquaintance in May of 2020. A jury has decided that White is guilty of forcing a woman into a car and raping her near his home just outside of Cohoes.

During the assault, Mr. White raped the woman, strangled the woman, and assaulted her causing multiple injuries including broken bones and broken teeth. During the assault, the woman was knocked unconscious. News reports have not released the victim's name nor have they indicated what provoked Mr. White to become so violent with her.

The jury also determined that White attempted to prevent the woman from testifying in June 2020. Information was not released that indicate how Mr. White tried to prevent her from testifying.

The jury found White guilty of Kidnapping in the second-degree (Felony); Assault in the second-degree (Felony); Strangulation in the second-degree (Felony);. Rape in the first-degree (Felony); Criminal Sexual Act in the first-degree (Felony) and Tampering with a Witness in the Fourth-degree (Misdemeanor).

Because of the guilty verdict, Shaquille White is looking at a lot of jail time. He could potentially spend 25 years in prison. He is scheduled for sentencing sometime in June.

At only 28 years old, Mr. White would still be a middle-aged man when he is released from jail if he received the full 25-year prison sentence.

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