Police reform has been big news throughout the country during the last few months. Members of the Albany community have been demanding police reforms and the process will begin soon. An outside consulting firm has been chosen and will start an independent audit of the Albany Police Department shortly.

According to CBS 6, On Monday Albany’s Chief Auditor, Dr. Dorsey Applyrs, announced that a consulting firm has been chosen. CNA, a consulting firm based in Arlington Virginia, has been chosen following an independent review of proposals that were submitted.

The audit will specifically look at the police department's internal operations. In addition, it will look at policies and procedures searching for racial biases and their impact on black residents in Albany.

The consulting firm will look closely at how the Albany Police Department is complying with her own existing reforms including their body-worn cameras. They will also look at the Albany Civilian Review Board and the Right to Know Identification programs.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan says that she is thankful to Dr. Applyrs and CNA for undertaking the audit and that she is looking forward to working with the Office of Audit & Control.

Mayor Sheehan also said, “This racial bias audit led by Dr. Applyrs’ team, in addition to the City of Albany’s Police Reform and Retention Collaborative that’s currently underway, will help us ensure we are implementing the most effective, transparent, and unbiased community policing strategies possible within the Albany Police Department.”

At the end of the audit, it will be interesting to find out how biased, or unbiased the police department really is. It will also be interesting to see what changes will be implemented to correct any problems they may find.

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