One third of the Migos, Quavo drops his solo album last week “Quavo Hunco”. No fear! The trio is not breaking up, all three members will  be releasing solo albums. Quavo single “Huncho Dreams” is raising a few eyebrows. Looking like a response to Nicki Minajs’ “Barbie Dreams.” In the song,  Quavo speaks on a fling him and Nicki Minaj apparently had going on. With lyrics like,

“She said I hurt her feelings 52 times, call up Queen (Nicki) … made her scream, Chanel bags bought two of em”

Now a few months back Nicki Minaj put up a video on Instagram of her opening up a gift, that had a Chanel bag in it.  Haters on social media wanted to know what was the big deal about these Chanel bags?  After all it is Nicki Minaj, she can buy anything she wants. I guess we know what was the excitement was all about now.

Recently rumors of new R&B singer Saweetie and Quavo was a couple. In her interview with the Real Daytime television show, she did confirm her and Quavo was enjoying each other company, and they were spotted together at this year’s BET Awards.  “Quavo Huncho” was released Oct.11, shortly after rumors began the two were split up, sources are saying it all over Nicki Minaj.

“Nicki do you love me? Why you crying? … She don’t want to be on the scene unless we married”

Quavo confirming him and Nicki had a fling, all while dating singer Saweetie and that’s why it was so secretive, between the both. The new R&B star on the rise is not up for Quavo playboy games and said deuces. Nicki Minaj has not yet addressed any rumors but we will be watching.

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