If you have ever wondered what is beyond this life, if you could contact the spirit world or loved ones that have passed, this is the prefect opportunity for you! Psychic medium Maureen Hancock will be in town on May 15, at The Egg in Albany, performing psychic readings from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. on her tour!


I can't deny it. I watch all of the supernatural and paranormal shows on television. Everything from "Paranormal State" to "The Haunting Of" and "Celebrity Ghost Stories." The evidence seems so real, so eerie, so creepy. Is the afterlife for real? Is there life beyond what we see? Does the spirit world exist?

Although I have never had the courage to have a psychic reading done on myself before, I am gonna head on down to The Egg in Albany on May 15 for my encounter with Miss Maureen Hancock!

I am totally ready for Maureen Hancock: The Medium Next Door Live. I am really curious to see what she will say to her audience members and see her psychic abilities unfold!

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