These scammers are out in full force, especially during the holiday season. Don’t forget to tell your elderly loved ones not to fall for these types of scams.

Police have arrested a Bronx man in connection to a 'Grandparent Scam' investigation. Dude traveled to Colonie, collecting $9,000 from a local victim on Sept. 19. What is the grandparent scam?

You get a call or an email unexpectedly from someone who claims to be a friend or relative. This often happens to grandparents with the caller claiming to be their grandson or granddaughter. The caller says there’s an emergency and asks you to send money immediately.

Police say the suspect(s) are now changing how they demand money from the victims. In the past they would meet victims face to face, they have now changed to using a package delivery service. What can grandma and grandpa do to protect themselves from these scams? Well first stay in contact with the elderly, call once a week to check on them and make sure they are okay or need help with anything.

Also if they get a call or email from someone claiming to know you and asking for help, check to confirm that it’s legitimate before they send any money. If your grandparents truly know you, they should ask a question to confirm your identity.
Protect the elderly!

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