You've probably heard about scammers changing out the credit card machines at your local gas stations. Did you know that there's actually a way you can test the machine before you use it to save your bank account?

It's a scary thought, someone having access to your bank account. You're doing something you normally do like getting gas, getting money out of an ATM, and then you see in your account that a huge chunk of money is gone!

There are ways to find credit card skimmers, like looking at a broken sticker seal at a gas station or seeing how one credit card slot is different from others, or just the ability to move it around with your hands and it's not sealed on well. Now, CBS 6 is reporting a much easier and maybe even fool-proof way to determine if your money is safe.

Sometimes skimmers are placed really well and very difficult to notice but you have something with you most of the day that can determine if there's a skimmer or not - Bluetooth. Most of those machines work by using Bluetooth and you have it on your cell phone. CBS 6 is saying that all you have to do is look for nearby Bluetooth.

Turn your phone's Bluetooth on. From there, it should start to look for nearby Bluetooth devices you can connect to. If you see an unknown Bluetooth source and are worried about the credit card slot you're using or looks like it's been tampered with, there could be a skimmer attached. Not necessarily, of course, but it's a good first-layer of defense, just in case.

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