Florida has some of the craziest stories on the planet. This is no different apparently: one Florida prison inmate has a problem with Kim K. and Kanye and he doesn't want them to be able to visit the sunshine state.


"Kim Kardashian and Kanye West must be stopped at the Florida border, because they're nothing but wannabe Jay Z's and Beyonces," according to a prisoner who has taken his cause to court.

Wayne Albright says Florida needs protection from the couple and says the only good Kardashian is Rob.

Last March, Wayne also filed an emergency motion for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order against "The Bachelor" and demanded that a federal judge ban it from the airwaves.

“The thought of children viewing this material without having a clear understanding of what it is their watching disturbs the hell out of me, pardon my French,” his lawsuit said. “What kind of examples are we as a society setting for the next generation of Americans who will undoubtedly have some control over the directions this country travels.”

As crazy as suing reality stars sounds, he does make a great point about children watching the examples of people in the media and following suit. That case is still pending. Also in March, Wayne sued The Weather Channel meteorologists Sam Champion and Jim Cantore and NBC's meteorologist Al Roker. No one will take any of these lawsuits serious because he is in prison and he is a sex offender.