Somebody at PornHub is a marketing genius because they know how much everyone's head is in the gutter.

According to New York Upstate

Residents of Dutchess County, N.Y., can apply to have leaves removed from their properties for free by a company hired by adult entertainment brand Pornhub.

The naughtily-named campaign, "Pornhub Blows America," is in effect now through Friday in this Hudson Valley area and is expected to expand to other U.S. cities in the coming weeks.

You have to go through a vetting before PornHub will offer the free service. Poughkeepsie-based landscaper Dutchess Lawns to "blow" leaves from local residences and businesses. If you know someone who lives in Dutchess County they can apply to have PornHub come through at

To ensure lawn service requests are legit, residents and business owners will have to show a valid ID that matches the name and address of the request for service. I can only imagine how embarrassed someone would be if there was a PornHub truck outside of their house, blowing leaves that they knew nothing about. This promotion is a follow up to their 2017 campaign PornHub plows America.

Does PornHub even need to advertise or are they just doing this for fun? Anyone who needs PornHub's services knows where to find them, no need to waste money and time blowing leaves.

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