What can be classified as one of a parent’s worst nightmares, was discovered in Bethlehem when police discovered a man having sexual contact with two teenagers in a car.

Police officers in Bethlehem New York arrested 20-year old Gregory Pruitt, of Troy, for engaging in sexual activity with two teenagers under the age of 16.

Police officers approached a vehicle around 3 a.m. on Thursday in the Elmwood Avenue Town Park. Inside the vehicle was Gregory Pruitt along with two unidentified teenagers.

Officers determined that there was a Protective Order, forbidding Pruitt from having any contact with one of the teenagers. The Protective Order resulted from a previous offense that occurred in Albany, in May, involving Pruitt and the unnamed teenager. At that time Pruitt was released under the supervision of Probation.

Gregory Pruitt was charged with two counts of Attempted Rape in the second degree which is a felony. He was also charged with two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a child, two counts of Criminal Contempt in the second degree, two counts of Sexual Abuse in the second-degree, and two counts of Sexual Abuse in the third-degree which are all misdemeanor offenses.

Pruitt was also cited for Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Operating a Vehicle Without Insurance, and Operating a Vehicle with no License Plate.

Gregory Pruitt was arraigned in the Town of Bethlehem Court. In lieu of $50,000 cash or bond, Pruitt was remanded to the Albany County Jail. He is scheduled for another court date on July 28.

This is another prime example of why parents must keep a close eye on their children. After the first event, this man should have never been permitted to be around children again.

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